Secretary of State for Transport pledges to visit A595


Carlisle MP John Stevenson has met with the Secretary of State for Transport, Chris Grayling, to discuss with him the infrastructure issues faced by the people of Cumbria, specifically the A595.

Mr Stevenson has raised his concerns that immediate action is vital as Cumbria is currently being held back by poor infrastructure links within the county.

John Stevenson said:

“Given the difficult geography of Cumbria, it impossible for us to travel safely on a severely limited road network.

“Notwithstanding the current inconvenience for people travelling on this road on a regular basis, upgrading the A595 would benefit Cumbria from both economic and health perspectives.

“Thousands of new jobs will be created by the nuclear new build at Moorside. Cumbria can only utilise the economic opportunities that come with job creation if we have the transport links to support it.

“Therefore an upgraded road between West Cumbria, Carlisle and Barrow is vital.

“I am pleased that the Secretary of State for Transport will be able to see for himself the issues that the A595 presents.”

As a result of their meeting, Chris Grayling has now promised to visit Cumbria and the A595 to see the situation for himself.

John has been campaigning for the A595 to be upgraded for a number of years and has been keen to maintain pressure on the Government.


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