Right to Regenerate


The Government is to bring forward legislation to give individuals and communities the “right to regenerate”. This will allow individuals and communities to purchase under utilised public land from Local Authorities and other public bodies. They will have the opportunity to acquire at market value land which is not being used by public authorities. There will also be “presumption to sell” from the local authorities so they will not be able to stifle the sale of the land/properties.

The idea is presently out to consultation and legislation is likely to be brought to Parliament later in year.

John Stevenson MP for Carlisle said: “This is a real opportunity for the public to acquire under utilised land and bring it into use. This will encourage local authorities and other public bodies to invest or make the most of assets which they are under using at the present time. It also gives the chance for individuals and communities to acquire land and regenerate them in a positive way.”


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