John’s plan for Transport Hub at Carlisle Station


John Stevenson will be meeting with Claire Perry on Thursday 26th February 2015 at Carlisle Train Station.


For a number of years John has been of the opinion that there should be a transport hub at the rear of Carlisle Station. He has made this point both to Carlisle City Council through his contributions to the Local Plan and to Government Ministers at the Department for Transport.


Earlier this year John met with Minister for Trains, Claire Perry regarding this underutilised space and she has agreed to visit Carlisle to see the space for herself.


John said ‘The underutilised space behind Carlisle Station, as I have said on many occasions, is perfect for a transport hub including buses, taxis and parking spaces for those collecting people from the station. Currently there is a great deal of congestion around the station and the solution to this seems simple.


I look forward to Claire seeing for herself the potential that this idea has and the difference it would make to accessibility within Carlisle.’


John will also be visiting Warwick Bridge with Claire Perry and Guy Opperman to highlight their campaign to improve the A69 which has now been granted a feasibility study.



  1. Dear John,

    Please can you encourage Virgin Trains to open a First Class lounge at Carlisle station? I know local businesses and especially connecting passengers transiting on the Cumbrian Coast Line would benefit greatly including local MPs from all parties.

    Glasgow recently got a lounge and it is regularly checked-on by ticket office staff. There is plenty of space at Carlisle station.

    Many thanks,


  2. A transport hub in this location would need a substantial upgrade in the road connection from the motorway to the hub, without it, it can only be partly successful. It would help if it also had improved (greater capacity and speed) road connection north towards Scotland and West towards the coast.

    Financially it is imperative that this is in place as soon as possible as any delay only ever increases costs.

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