John’s objection to SNP dictating in Westminster


John Stevenson does not want the SNP to be given the ability to dictate to the British Parliament following the General Election 2015.


There has recently been reports in the national media regarding a possible arrangement between Labour and the SNP which John believes would be detrimental to both the British Parliament and to England.


John said ‘There is a real danger that the SNP are given the ability by Labour to begin to dictate to England through the British Parliamentary system. Scotland currently has a number of devolved powers such as education and health. If Labour were to form a Government with the support of the SNP, we could have a case where politicians who have a very strong and real belief that Scotland should be independent would be voting on English only issues such as education. This could be detrimental to England to allow the SNP to dictate to England in this way.


I was a strong supporter of the No campaign during the Scottish Referendum. The No campaign was made up of cross- party MPs; Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and Labour. I find it quite fickle that those who campaigned for a United Kingdom would seek to potentially break it up less than a year after the referendum. I do not think it would be in the interest of England or Carlisle to be dictated to by the SNP.


Given the reported discussions between SNP and Labour, the only way to prevent the SNP from being part of a British Government is to vote Conservative.’



  1. craig melrose on

    Labour government = SNP government, the Conservatives are the only party that can be trusted to manage the affairs of this country, say the things that are not always popular but are honest and true and will continue to turn our economy around . Remember our current national debt is around 110% of GDP, in Australia it is around 38%. Austerity is not an option, to deny it is necessary to reduce public spending is deluded and is consigning our children to a very bleak future. I have young children and if the next government does not address our national debt seriously I will be considering the option of emigration to a country where my children will be able to raise their families free from the burden of ill disciplined government buying votes now and leaving them to pay later.

    We live in a global economy where we cannot ignore the reality that is we must pay our way, we are entitled to nothing, we all have to work to eat and to live, we can’t be paid a minimum wage in the UK when a worker in another country is being more productive for a fraction of that wage.

    The conservatives are the party that comes closest to saying some of these un-sayables, they acknowledge the reality that says if we want a successful NHS we need to have a successful economy to pay for it and the same goes for all the other public services. LAbour and particularly the SNP are Austerity deniers and live in a parallel universe where they believe that either the fairies at the bottom of the garden or the rest of the world will somehow pay for us to continue spending more than we earn, LUNACY!

    Carlisle is a marginal seat, if you care about the country you must support John and get him re elected to ensure a conservative government has the opportunity to manage the economy of this country for a further 5 years, remember everything the 2 Eds have predicted regarding the economy in the last 5 years has been wrong, they are not fit to be given the chance to run the country.

    John has done a good job representing Carlisle, the local Labour candidate is not capable of raising the profile of the city and taking up local issues in London as she clearly lacks the wherewithal, the only local choice is Conservative.


    I hope that in the first tranche of changes , David Cameron makes a full priority of changing the law allowing any MP other than an English MP to vote on English matters. This is the only way that the English people will retain any confidence in our democratic system.

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