John Stevenson questions Labour Candidate’s Commitment to Carlisle Youth Zone


John Stevenson has questioned Ed Miliband’s Labour candidate’s choice of Carlisle Youth Zone as a venue to host a shadow ministerial visit.

John has been a long supporter of Carlisle Youth Zone and has worked hard to support funding applications such as the grant from the Police and Crime Commissioner. He has also attended a number of events at the venue to attract interest and funding to the organisation.

In contrast, Labour’s candidate voted against a contribution of £10,000 towards the funding the Youth Zone when the issue was raised at a Council meeting.

John said ‘Carlisle Youth Zone is the only Youth Zone in the country not to have funding from the local council. The advantages and preventative measures that the Youth Zone offers to young people in Carlisle is to be welcomed and indeed supported by our City.

This visit screams political opportunism given the fact that the Labour candidate voted against funding the organisation through the Council. I think in this instance it is only right that she apologises for voting against funding this outstanding organisation.’


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