John Stevenson MP Welcomes Funding Changes for Schools


John Stevenson MP welcomes the changes that have been announced today regarding how schools are to be funded.

John has made representations to the Department for Education on a number of occasions regarding a fair Funding Formula for schools. The most recent of these was to Nicky Morgan, Secretary of State for Education.

Presently, Cumbria County Council are given a block grant and they determine the amount that each school gets. Measures announced today will see money being given directly to head teachers of schools, worked out through a formula, ensuring all schools are treated equally.

John said ‘I have previously made representations to Government regarding this issue. Although Government had allocated appropriate funds to Cumbria County Council, the Council put more weight onto primary schools, leaving senior schools in Carlisle underfunded.

The new system should ensure that schools are funded in a fairer way, ensuring that pupils across Carlisle are able to access a suitable level education and senior schools, have a safer financial footing going forward.

I am pleased that the Secretary of State has taken on board my comments and the comments of local head teachers in Carlisle.’


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