John Stevenson MP Unveils McVitie’s “Wall of Pride”


On Friday 25th November, John Stevenson MP unveiled the “Wall of Pride” at McVitie’s to commemorate the 728 employees who were involved in the emergency response to help end the “biscuit drought” caused by the flooding in Carlisle.

John Stevenson said:

“Today, I have met with many individuals who worked tirelessly to get production up and running in Church Street, to end the ‘biscuit drought’ of well-loved brands. Over 20 per cent of Carlisle’s economy is manufacturing, compared to 10 per cent nationally, underlining how this factory plays a central role in our local economy and community. The Wall of Pride is a way of honouring the people who helped put biscuits, which are loved by so many people right across the UK, back on shelves.”

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