John Stevenson MP Supports Nestle Sugar Reduction Technology


Carlisle MP, John Stevenson, met with Nestlé in Parliament to discuss their new sugar reduction technology and the benefits this brings to consumers.

Following their announcement in 2016 of a new innovation that transforms the structure around sugar, allowing them to use less but retain the same sweetness, Nestlé have now launched their first chocolate bar using the innovative sugar reduction technique.

Mr Stevenson said:

“As Chair of the Pall Party Parliamentary Group for Food and Drink, I am delighted to hear that Nestlé have had such a technological breakthrough in their efforts to reduce sugar consumption. With a Nestlé plant in my constituency, it was very interesting to find out more about this process at our meeting.

“It was fascinating to learn how Nestlé researchers have transformed the structure of sugar through a newly developed process which creates aerated, porous particles of sugar that dissolve more quickly in the mouth. This allows someone to perceive the same level of sweetness as before while consuming less sugar.

“It is fantastic to think of the effect that this development will have on the future of confectionary manufacturing right across the industry.”


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