John Stevenson MP Supports Cumbria Community Foundation’s Flood Fundraising


John Stevenson MP for Carlisle is supporting the Cumbria Community Foundation’s fundraising efforts, raising money to assist those who have been affected by the floods in Carlisle and elsewhere in Cumbria.

John said ‘Cumbria Community Foundation has already raised £440 thousand to help those who have been affected by flooding in Carlisle and Cumbria.

There has obviously been many people left without appropriate accommodation who have lost personal items and who require assistance over the coming weeks. I would urge those who do require assistance to apply to the Cumbrian Community Foundation.

In addition I have spoken to and received emails from a number of people who have asked how best they can help. I would suggest that if they are able, the best help that they can give is to contribute to this fundraising effort.’

Donations can be made by visiting



Applications can be made by visiting the Cumbria Community Foundation’s website

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