John Stevenson MP Secures Government Backing for A69 Sign Changes


John Stevenson MP for Carlisle has secured Government backing for signs on the A69 to be altered so that North bound traffic onto the M6 is diverted onto the A689 instead of travelling on the current trunk road that is routed through Warwick Bridge.

In a letter, Andrew Jones, Under Secretary of State for Department for Transport, reported that he ‘understands from Highways England that they are seeking the agreement from Cumbria County Council… Informal enquiries of Cumbria County Council officers have indicated that this is likely to be endorsed.’

Last year, following a campaign by John Stevenson MP, Cllr Nick Marriner and local residents, on a visit to Warwick Bridge, Secretary of State for Transport Patrick Mcloughlin agreed to look at the possibility of altering the signage as a temporary measure to ease unnecessary traffic travelling over Warwick Bridge.

Since the Secretary of State’s visit, the Chancellor has provided funding for a feasibility study on the A69. However, especially in the short term, changing the signage from Brampton roundabout will hopefully make the A69 from that point to the M6 a little less congested and safer for residents living along that stretch of road.

The final obstacle in getting the signage changed is the agreement from Cumbria County Council.

John said ‘I am pleased that the Feasibility Study for the A69 has been agreed, however, short term solutions such as changing these signs can bring improvements to the Warwick Bridge area. The changes to the signs will direct unnecessary traffic to use a better route, making the proportion of the A69 from Brampton roundabout safer and people’s journey times shorter.

I have not lost sight of the fact that a more permanent solution should be sought to improve the A69, benefiting both drivers and residents which is why the Feasibility Study on the road is so important to our area.

I would however encourage Cumbria County Council to agree to the signage changes as soon as is practical so that Highways England can arrange for the signs to be amended. ’


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