John Stevenson MP Re-elected Chair of APPG West Coast Mainline


John Stevenson MP for Carlisle has been re- elected as Chair of the APPG West Coast Mainline.

Carlisle is an important station on the West Coast Mainline, and John is keen to continue to promote Carlisle’s prominence as an important railway station in the North.

John said ‘The APPG has made many contributions to Department for Transport. My key priorities over the next Parliament will be ensuring that the tender for the West Coast mainline is appropriate. For me this will include provision for the winning bidder to make improvements to stations including Carlisle.

Rail transport is a vital to Britain’s infrastructure, providing transportation for goods and also transport for commuters. The West Coast Mainline is an important route from Carlisle to London and I am determined that capacity on the line continues to be improved and that we work toward there being sufficient rolling stock to achieve this.’


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