John Stevenson MP Raises Concerns Regarding Potential Cuts to the Policing Budget


John Stevenson MP for Carlisle today met with Mike Penning, Minister for Policing to discuss the possible financial cuts to Cumbria Police.

The meeting was secured by John Stevenson MP and Rory Stewart MP.

During the meeting John raised his concerns regarding potential cuts to the policing budget.

John said ‘There is a level of cuts that the Cumbria Force could just not operate within. I wanted to get this across to the Minister. I want to see Cumbria remain as a separate police force which I believe is in the interest of my constituents.

I would not like to see our local police force merge with another county which is what Labour was proposing at the last election. I will continue to press Ministers regarding these cuts highlighting the difficulty of policing a county of such a large geographical size with a small population.’


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