John Stevenson MP promotes Walk to School Week


John Stevenson MP is promoting the annual Walk to School Week to primary school children and their parents, which is due to be held nationally from Monday 5th – Friday 9th October 2020.

Walk to School Week is organised by the charity, Living Streets, to encourage families to try healthier and greener ways to travel to school.

A generation ago, 70% of children walked to school, whereas it is now less than half. The Government has recognised the importance of walking to school and set the first ever walk to school target in its Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy, to get 55% of primary school pupils walking to school by 2025.

John Stevenson MP said: “Walking reduces congestion, improves road safety and means we have cleaner air around schools. It helps to improve our physical and mental health, which I believe is extremely important for our overall wellbeing. Children who walk to school will also be more refreshed and ready to learn in the classroom.

Walk to School Week provides a fantastic opportunity for families to give walking to school a go and promotes how they could make a more permanent change to how they travel in the future. I hope that many more families in Carlisle will continue to give walking to school a go”.

Further information about Walk to School Week is available online at:


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