John Stevenson MP Praises the Government’s Coronavirus Community Support Fund for helping Local Causes in Carlisle


John Stevenson, the MP for Carlisle, has welcomed the £353,241 of funding from the Coronavirus Community Support Fund, which will help a total of 17 local charities within the constituency. This funding has been provided from the Government’s £750 million support package, to ensure that the voluntary, community and social enterprise sectors across the country can continue to carry out their crucial work, during the Covid-19 pandemic.

This £750 million emergency package has been broken down into a number of specific areas, including £200 million to the Coronavirus Community Support Fund. The scheme is both one of the most generous in the world and by far the most generous in Europe for the charity sector.

The charities in Carlisle which are receiving a share of this funding include Cumbria Youth Alliance, Prism Arts, Carlisle Key, Cumbria Deaf Association, Carlisle Youth Zone, Eden Valley Hospice and Cumbria Development Education Centre.

John Stevenson said: “The Coronavirus Community Support Fund is providing vital funding to charities who have found fundraising tougher this year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Many charities receive a large percentage of their annual donations from the large events they host, such as fun runs or charity dinners.

I am pleased to hear that 17 charities in Carlisle are going to be benefitting from this funding and that they are for such a wide range of causes, who really do make a difference to the lives of people in Cumbria.”

More information regarding the Coronavirus Community Support Fund can be found online at:


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