John Stevenson MP meets Senior Representatives of Cumbria’s Nuclear Sector


John Stevenson MP for Carlisle met with senior representatives of Cumbria’s nuclear sector at an APPG meeting on Nuclear Energy in Parliament this week.

During the meeting John asked industry representatives if they thought that the sector was doing enough for skills, given that there are several nuclear new builds coming on line during the next few years in Britain, including Moorside in Cumbria.

John said ‘Skills are vital to our county. It is clear that there will be growth in the nuclear industry and it is important for our economy in Cumbria that any skill shortages are being addressed now. I am pleased that the nuclear industry does take its commitment to young people seriously, offering apprenticeship and graduate jobs. However, Government has a role to play here as well. It was clear from the discussion with the industry that there were not yet sufficient actions in place to address the skills required in Cumbria, especially in the supply chain.

A suggestion was made that if there was more confidence in the timescales of the nuclear new build, businesses and industry would be better placed to plan and invest in the next generation. The nuclear new build is a fantastic opportunity for our county and I will continue to meet with Ministers and Industry to ensure that the skills shortage is addressed and that people living in Carlisle and Cumbria benefit from these opportunities.’


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