John Stevenson MP for Carlisle to meet Victoria Viaduct Business Owners


John Stevenson MP for Carlisle will be meeting with business owners with premises in Victoria Viaduct.

It was announced last week by Carlisle City Council that the Viaduct would once again be closed due to the instability of the Central Plaza.

John said ‘The condition of this building is obviously of grave concern and the Viaduct being closed is causing issues for businesses in the vicinity.

I sympathise with the businesses in the area who are experiencing reduced trade due to difficult access to the Viaduct. I will be meeting with them on Friday to discuss ways in which I can make representations on their behalf, both to the local council and to central government.

My main concern is that the structure can be secured and that the Viaduct can be reopen as soon as possible and I will work those businesses affected to ensure that the council and Government are doing all they can to conclude this ongoing issue in our city centre.’


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