John Stevenson MP elected Chair of committee for Key Cities


The All-Party Parliamentary Group for key cities who work with key cities up and down the country have held it’s AGM.

In the group there are no large cities such as Manchester or Leeds, but each of the cities represented is very significant in its own individual region.

Carlisle is represented as one of the key cities. Although one of the smallest, it is significant because of its importance to the Borderlands and Cumbrian region.

At the AGM John Stevenson MP for Carlisle along with Julie Elliott MP were elected Co- chairs.

John said

“I’m delighted to have been elected Co- chair to this very important parliamentary group. Much attention is paid to the big cities such as London Manchester and Birmingham but each of the cities that this group represents are equally as important.

Part of the government’s agenda is to level up and therefore their agenda should coincide with the aims and goals of these regional cities.

Carlisle is significant because it is effectively the capital of the Borderlands region and therefore has a significant role to play in driving the local economy.

I very much look forward to helping to steer this group and influence government policy wherever possible to benefit Carlisle and the other key cities across Britain.”


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