John Stevenson MP Discusses A69 with Transport Secretary


John Stevenson, MP for Carlisle has met with Grant Shapps, Secretary of State for Transport to discuss improvements to the A69 and rerouting the road down the A689 from the Brampton Roundabout to Carlisle.

John has campaigned for a number of years to improve the A69, including the safety of residents living along the route; Warwick Bridge and Warwick on Eden. Rerouting and upgrading the road would make travel from Carlisle to Newcastle safer and quicker. These improvements to the A689 would also help with economic development in the local area, particularly with Carlisle Lake District Airport now having regular flights to London Southend, Belfast City and Dublin Airport.

John said: “The secretary of state for transport is supportive of improvements to the A69 and has asked officials to look at the feasibility of upgrading the route and rerouting the current A69 along the A689.

He has agreed to discuss his support with Highways England, and I hope that progress can be made. This is an issue that I have campaigned for over the course of many years and one I have raised with successive Secretaries of State. I do hope that positive progress can be made so that connectivity can be improved to and from Carlisle.”


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