John Stevenson MP Chairs APPG For Food & Drink Manufacturing AGM


John Stevenson, MP for Carlisle today chaired the Annual General Meeting for the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Food and Drink Manufacturing.

The APPG for Food and Drink ensures the voice of the food and drink manufacturing sector is heard in Parliament, something John is passionate about. Many jobs in Carlisle are part of the food and drink manufacturing industry: any issue affecting the sector affects them. John is keen to ensure these issues receive the attention in Parliament they deserve.

John said:

“As the UK prepares to leave the EU, the next few years will provide unique challenges and opportunities for the industry. The APPG on Food and Drink Manufacturing will help ensure it is best placed to seize those opportunities. This is a matter of great importance to the whole country, as the industry adds £28.2 billion to the economy, directly provides 400,000 jobs and forms the centre of a supply chain that employs more than 4 million people in total. Therefore, it is vital food and drinks manufacturers, 96% of which are small and medium sized businesses, are given the support they need from Government to ensure they capitalise on our EU departure and strengthen our economy further. The APPG on Food and Drinks Manufacturing will help ensure that support is provided.”


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