John Stevenson Delighted with Small Business Endorsement


John Stevenson Conservative Candidate for Carlisle is delighted that small businesses in Carlisle have endorsed David Cameron and the Conservative’s economic and business policy.

In a letter sent to The Telegraph 5000 small business leaders endorsed the Conservative’s policies – and some of the signatories are from Cumbria.

John said ‘Small businesses are the backbone of Britain and Carlisle’s economy. I have engaged and worked hard with the business sector, especially small businesses. Policies decided upon at Westminster have very real consequences to small businesses and that is why these policies need to be right. This is something I have focused upon during the last 5 years as MP for Carlisle.

Locally, I have hosted Carlisle Skills Fair which has given businesses, especially small businesses a platform for recruiting local talent as well as introducing them to offering apprenticeship opportunities which can further enhance our workforce and skills base locally.

Policies for small businesses are really working and I am very committed to ensuring Carlisle continues towards a thriving economy locally.’


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