John backs residents with Gull Sack issues


John Stevenson has written to Carlisle City Council regarding several constituents who have contacted him with gull sack related issues.


In 2013, Carlisle City Council decided to issue some homes in Carlisle with gull sacks.


John made representation to Carlisle City Council at the time on behalf of residents who did not think it was practical for their households to change the way they disposed of their refuse. Some of these residents were successful in keeping their wheelie bin to dispose of their refuse in.


However, a new issue has arisen and is now being raised by households who have been issued with gull sacks.


John said ‘These gull sacks are not substantial and can easily blow away in the wind. Issues have been raised with me that residents who come home after work are unable to locate their gull sack. The Council charge £10 for each replacement. I have written to the Council regarding this issue and they have agreed to waive the charge for March. However, I agree with residents that this isn’t a long term solution to the issue. I have written to Carlisle City Council regarding what they plan to do in the long term to improve this situation.


Refuse collection has always been carried out efficiently in Carlisle. With bin men now refusing to collect bin bags that are not contained in gull sacks, I would not like Carlisle to get to a point where we have streets full of household waste that the Council refuses to collect.’


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