Inward Investment is Vital to keep the Local Economy Growing


John Stevenson MP, a longstanding supporter and advocate of business investment believes that if Carlisle is to move to the next level, it is absolutely vital it attracts new inward investment.

Over the last few years the Carlisle and regional economy have continued to grow. Much of this has come from investment by existing businesses and Government initiatives particularly with regards to infrastructure.

It is clearly vital that local businesses do continue to invest and create employment and prosperity for the City and the wider region. However, it is also important that the City and region attracts additional investment especially inward investment from new national and international companies.

John Stevenson said “Carlisle has been successful over the last few years. However, it is vital that we continue with the development of our City and seek not just investment from existing businesses in the area, but that we also concentrate on attracting new businesses and investment to the City and region.

I am encouraging the councils, the LEP and other organisations to give some thought as to how we can make sure that Carlisle is an attractive proposition in an attempt to bring new businesses to the area.

I firmly believe that the Borderlands Growth Initiative has helped significantly in raising the profile of Carlisle and the region. We now need to build on that.

I will certainly be willing to work with councils, the LEP and the private sector in ensuring that we publicise the benefits of investing in the City but also ensuring that we highlight the advantages of investing in our region.”


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