Cumbrian MP’s to Meet on Regular Basis


The Cumbrian MPs have once again agreed to meet on a regular basis in Westminster to discuss matters that affect the whole of Cumbria.

Topics and projects in previous parliaments that Cumbrian MPs have worked together on have included transport and infrastructure, tourism and Local Government.

With a few changes to Members of Parliament in Cumbria, Simon Fell MP (Barrow), Trudy Harrison MP (Copeland), Dr Neil Hudson MP (Penrith and the Border), Mark Jenkinson MP (Workington) and John Stevenson MP (Carlisle) have agreed to continue their frequent meetings to promote Cumbria in Westminster and continue to make Ministers aware of what the county has to offer nationally.

John Stevenson MP said “Cumbrian MPs have always worked together for the benefit of Cumbria, when they can find common ground and in previous Parliaments this has payed dividends. I am pleased that these discussions and common projects will continue to drive growth and success in Cumbria.”

The Cumbrian MPs will aim to meet monthly as a group. They will invite relevant leaders from Cumbria to Westminster to discuss topical issues.


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