John Stevenson MP to Host Carlisle Skills Fair 2020


John Stevenson MP for Carlisle will be holding the 7th Annual Carlisle Skills Fair on 6th February 2020 at The Sands Centre, Carlisle.

Mr Stevenson, who was re- elected with an increased majority in December will continue his vision of creating opportunity and helping to retain talent in Carlisle.

John said ‘The Carlisle Skills Fair has been very successful over a number of years. It has clearly demonstrated that local companies and organisations are willing to train staff and take on apprentices. This ensures that there are a number of opportunities to succeed in the city and that we are able to retain a larger percentage of young people.

As the event becomes more and more popular, it is great to speak to young people who benefitted from the event by attending and gaining an apprenticeship or employment. Some now have full time jobs with those companies which they trained with whilst others have decided to take their learning further, and have continued their apprenticeships to degree level.

It is an exciting time in Carlisle with a number of investments and developments across the city including improved infrastructure. By retaining local talent, Carlisle businesses are better placed to take advantage of the opportunities available.’

This year’s Carlisle Skills Fair is sponsored by Center Parcs and will be open from 3pm- 7pm.


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