Carlisle Secures £102 Million from the Government for a New City Relief Road


The Government has announced that Carlisle and Cumbria will receive over £100 million towards the southern ring road as part of the Governments Housing infrastructure Fund.

The Southern ring road will join the northern development route to Junction 42 of the M6, alleviating traffic issues in the city centre and creating a better road infrastructure for those who live, work and visit the city.

John Stevenson MP said “Over the past few months I have been discussing this scheme with Ministers and lobbying Government, highlighting with them the benefits that this investment would bring to Carlisle. This is a hugely significant investment which demonstrates the increasing confidence the Government has in Carlisle.

I am absolutely delighted that they have been persuaded to proceed with this infrastructure development which will be of great value and benefit to Carlisle and the wider North Cumbria economy.

For a long time Carlisle has punched below its weight – however I am pleased that this is changing rapidly; and all for the good.”

This announcement follows on from the £300,000 support that has been given by Government towards developing the Garden Village.


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