Carlisle MP welcomes ‘Solar Revolution’ Announcement


John Stevenson MP for Carlisle welcomes the announcement from the Secretary of State for DECC, Amber Rudd that she wants to see a ‘Solar Revolution.’

Back in 2012, Carlisle MP John Stevenson called on Ministers to make solar panels a mandatory requirement on new builds. Although this has not yet happened, John believes that this move could help Government to achieve a Solar Revolution across Britain.

John said ‘I think solar panels are currently underutilised and have done for some time. There is a view that they can be ugly and spoil the character of a house. However, if they are a mandatory requirement of a newly built house, the technology will improve and I’m sure, in time, solar panels will be no different to a roof tile.

In addition, solar panels on homes would secure cheap energy for householders, ensuring the cost of heating a home is lowered. With over 100,000 homes being built every year, lower production costs of solar panels would soon be achieved.’


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