Carlisle MP to Support Campaign to Reduce Alcohol Harm


John Stevenson MP is meeting with the Head of Public Affairs of Diageo, one of the UK’s leading alcohol producers.

Diageo manufactures drinks including Guinness, Pimm’s, Baileys, Gordon’s Gin, and Johnnie Walker and employ approximately 5,000 people in the UK.

John is meeting with the Head of Public Affairs, Laurence Meehan, to discuss Diageo’s commitment to promoting responsible drinking and reducing alcohol harm in Britain. Diageo support a number of programmes, which raise awareness of alcohol harm, Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and the consequences of drinking and driving.

Mr Stevenson and Mr Meehan will also be discussing industrial strategy, excise duty and the potential impact that the upcoming implementation of Minimum Unit Pricing in Scotland will have on Carlisle and cross boarder alcohol sales.

John said:

“The misuse of alcohol can cause serious problems for individuals, families and communities. I think it’s vital that, as a society, we make the effort to reduce alcohol-related harm.

“People need to be informed of the risks and consequences so that they can make informed choices about drinking or not drinking.

“I am glad that I have the opportunity to talk to Mr Meehan about a range of issues that affect, not just my constituency, but society as a whole.”

The meeting is taking place on 21st February.


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