Carlisle MP pleased to see Fibre Provision Promise to Coppice Housing Estate


John Stevenson MP is pleased that Fibre to the Premises is going to be provided to the remaining properties on The Coppice Housing Estate.

Mr Stevenson has been informed that Taylor Wimpey and Openreach are going to work together to deliver fibre broadband to the remaining properties. Timescales have yet to be announced. However residents can get updates via the Openreach website as the project progresses.

Mr Stevenson said ‘I am pleased that all properties on the estate will receive Fibre to the Premises broadband. Fast and reliable broadband is extremely important for people to be able to access online services. It will enable people to work or run businesses from their homes and therefore help the local economy. It will also help with homework and assignments set by schools and other education providers. It will certainly be a significant development for the residents’.


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  1. It might help John if you chased this promise up..We were sold our house on the assurance superfast would be in by March 2020..Well its March and on a good day we get 1.2Mb, on a bad day it is 0.1Mb. I work from home with clients all over the world and I am unable to due to the continued failure to provide this so please do all you can to turn aspiration into reality. It is totally unacceptable that Taylor Wimpey and Openreach have been prioritising new build homes whilst many home owners on this development continue to be fobbed off and endure such appalling speeds–Please turn aspiration into actual as this is crippling us–it is totally unacceptable that a mere 10 minutes from Carlisle we experience such appalling service and no one seems to care

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