Carlisle MP elected onto Scottish Affairs Select Committee


John Stevenson MP for Carlisle has been elected onto the Scottish Affairs Select Committee.

During the last Parliament, John was a member of the Communities and Local Government Select Committee. Select Committees are there to scrutinise the Departments to which they refer and are made up of cross party representation.

John said ‘Scotland is certainly going to be an interesting Select Committee to be a member of. With the recent referendum and the further devolved powers to Scotland, I want to ensure that we deliver what we promised in the last parliament without places such as Carlisle losing out.  Decisions that are made across the border through devolved powers in areas such as education and health should not prove detrimental to those living in England.

The Scotland Office has a big task ahead of it and I want to support that transition of power, whilst at the same time make sure that no decisions are made that will adversely affect either Carlisle, England or the Union.’


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