Carlisle MP Discusses Forthcoming Recycling Investment with North West Recycling Limited


John Stevenson, MP for Carlisle has met with Rick Allan, Managing Director of North West Recycling Limited to discuss the company’s forthcoming investment.

The investment could solve some of the problems with landfilled destined non-recyclable waste in Cumbria. The investment, at North West Recycling, Rockcliffe would produce high quality pellets from general waste and will directly replace fossil fuels. This investment has the potential to contribute £40 million pounds of investment into Carlisle with 90 new jobs. It will also aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. North West Recycling is working with Wasteknot Energy who already have their first plant of this kind in Middlesbrough.

John Stevenson MP for Carlisle said, “This is fantastic news to see such a substantial investment potentially coming to Carlisle and Cumbria. This investment would also create new jobs locally and will make a substantial contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, which is to be welcomed. This again demonstrates the growing confidence that businesses have in Carlisle and is a hugely welcome innovation and development for our city. I commend the hard work and innovation of Rick Allan and his team and will give them every support that I can.”

Rick Allan said, “We’re excited to be playing a significant part in helping Cumbria reduce its carbon footprint. I started the business with a clear vision of solving the problem of what to do with the non-recyclable element of waste in Cumbria. This investment is validation that the work we’re doing to reduce the landfill burden is going in the right direction. If we can also create Cumbrian jobs off the back of this work, that’s fantastic. This investment will help put Cumbria on the map, not just for its beautiful countryside but also for leading the UK in its approach to waste recovery.”


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