Borderlands MPs Meet with Chancellor to Discuss the Borderland Inclusive Growth Initiative


John Stevenson MP for Carlisle and Guy Opperman MP for Hexham have had a meeting with the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond to discuss the Borderland Inclusive Growth Initiative.

The joint bid has now been submitted to Government from the councils in the region. The bid includes projects and programmes to help economic growth in the Borderlands region.

The Chancellor was receptive to the initiative and he commended the partnership working that had taken place between the Councils involved.

John Stevenson MP for Carlisle and Borderlands Champion said ‘The Borderlands Growth Initiative is very important to both Carlisle and our region. I welcomed the meeting with the Chancellor which allowed for a discussion to emphasise how important the growth deal will be to the Borderlands area.
I champion business in our region. This is an opportunity for fresh investment into our region. We have already worked hard to attract private investment and achieve very high levels of employment and this will help to continue this process.’

Guy Opperman, MP for Hexham said ‘I fully support the Borderlands Initiative and I commend all of the Councils, including my local council of Northumberland who has put in so much hard work to ensure that a viable, well constructed bid has been submitted to Government.

Direct investment from Government will contribute to our economic growth by attracting new investment. It will also send a positive message of confidence to existing businesses in our region looking to invest further.’

John Stevenson MP and Guy Opperman MP will continue to lobby Government for funding for the Borderlands Growth Initiative bid. They have the support of Jake Berry Northern Powerhouse Minister and Secretary of State for Scotland David Mundell.


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